Saturday, January 31, 2015

52 Lists: Week 4

Current and Future Goals and Dreams

  1. Make God the center of my life and continually seek Him
  2. Become an official member of my church
  3. Find my place of ministry
  4. Pay off all my debt
  5. Buy a house
  6. Spend more time with Chance, riding
  7. Run a 5k, straight through
  8. Be a more dedicated friend, really sowing into meaningful friendships
  9. Shine God's light, everyday
  10. Get married
  11. Have Children
  12. Be a Mentor to someone
  13. Learn to dance
  14. Get caught up on my scrapbooks
  15. Fine tune my photography skills
  16. Own a truck, horse trailer, and four-wheeler
  17. Become a strong addition to any teaching team
  18. Learn to not let people bother me
  19. See Reba in concert
  20. Travel to Texas
  21.  Live life to it's fullest

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