Sunday, January 25, 2015

52 Lists: Week 3

Week 3: The Things I Should Be Proud Of:

  1. Deciding to pursue a relationship with God
  2. Working to make Him center of my life everyday
  3. Seeing a Counselor, which does require bravery. I have received so much healing and growth.
  4. The fact that I am not ashamed that I have been through counseling and still go sometimes
  5. Working to overcome my strongholds, especially my anxiety and people pleasing
  6. Who I chose to surround myself with
  7. Graduating high school and college
  8. Graduating with Honors, in the Top 10 from High School and Cum Laude from College
  9. Getting a "Real Teaching Job" within a year of Graduating
  10. Working hard for my students each day
  11. Getting good evaluations from both jobs/bosses
  12. My creative ability, although it lacks substantially most of the time :)
  13. Being a good listener
  14. Maintaining my horse hobby (He can be a dosie on the wallet!)
  15. That I am working to pay off my debt
  16. I am learning to set boundries
  17. My ability to see things from the other point of view
  18. The photography skills that I have
  19. I can usually see the positive in things, despite bad news
  20. I appreciate the small things and have learned how much they matter
  21. I encourage others, I am supportive
  22. I am dependable
  23. I am compassionate and caring

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