Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What do I let in?

When I was at the barn the other night, I was walking the length of the stalls, on my way out I believe. As I walked the isle, I saw the horses noses under the door, dutifully searching their piles of hay for the most tasty bite. I have seen this many a time, not just with their piles of hay but out in the pasture with grass, or searching through hands for treats, or going at their dinner grain.

Although it was not something new, or uncommon, a new thought went through my head as I watched the horses gently search through their hay. What if we were more picky about what we allow?

You see, horse noses are very sensitive. They can work their way through forage and find exactly what they want, even the tiniest bite. They can also find something they don't like and shove it aside, as well as something they shouldn't eat (like bad hay or a spider) and toss it aside. 

I began to take this thought deeper. Horses sometimes get free roam in a pasture and have many a choice of what they consume, much like humans. They pick and choose what they want, or what they feel is best for them. I have noticed that Chance seems to like the plants with the purple flowers and searches those out first. Then, he keeps filling his belly up with some good greens that he finds. He uses his nose to feel out the ground, searching for what he wants. Sometimes he makes a mistake- gets a prickly plant, a plant with roots attached, dirt, or maybe a bug now and then. Much like people, we search for the good and try to choose good but sometimes we make a mistake. 

This is where the choice comes in, do I consume it? Throw it out? Or let it consume me? He has done all of the above, as have I, and more than likely, you have to. But usually, we don't work so hard or search so carefully for the good. We don't consider what we are doing, and how what we may be consuming might be affecting us. We just consume it and move on.

Further thinking, at the time, I wasn't even thinking about the free roam in the pasture but actually more along the lines of hay. Hay isn't something the horses get free choice of. They are given some in the morning and at night and sometimes during the day as well. They like it, really like it, but could certainly like other types better than some.

Sometimes in life, we are thrown things. Thrown a big pile of stuff that we now have to make a decision on- what we will consume and what we will let lie. Each day, the horses are thrown hay, then they must make the same decision, what will they consume and what will they let lie. What is good for the taking and what hidden hurt could be in there? Will what I have just been given help me or hurt me? Will it be good for me or will it make me sick?

Will I allow myself to consider this and sort through it? Delicately choosing what to consume, just as a horse does? Or will I just take it as is and make the decision and pay the consequences later? Will I allow the bad things to consume me?

It's your choice, each and every day. What will you consume? Will you take the time to search through it and pick out the good things- in both free roam and when it comes to what is thrown to you?

You will make mistakes, consume things that aren't good. Even the delicate muzzle of the horses do. Some more dangerous than others, things get missed or hidden and unfortunately consequences happen. But, aside from those, picking and choosing and searching through is something you get to do.

 Don't worry about those things that may creep in there, just be conscious of what you are consuming and things will be okay, you will be better off knowing that you aren't letting the bad in- the worry, the fear, the negative words. Pick through and lay those out, let them be, no matter what is thrown at you. Be like the horse, be sensitive, pick through and take in the good and leave out the bad.

And always stay in communication with God. He knows best, and can direct you, watching over you and making sure you get exactly what you need and leave exactly what you don't need.

He even loves you enough to help you go through each and every pile of hay and each and every grassy pasture. Thing is though, you have to let Him and He will make sure you get the very best.

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